💡Pro Letter #11

Why do we need to be right? and embracing doubt...

‘Whenever you are stuck searching for the optimal plan, remember:

Getting started changes everything’ - James Clear

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Today you’ll get: 3 bullet tips, 1 borrowed idea, 2 reads you need… and a question for you!


‘Meaningful activities and relationships = Happiness’ - Thanks to @Sathya for creating this visual for the Pro Letter.

Bullet tips

  • Productivity:

‘The more decisions you remove,

the more progress you make’ - Josh Spector

Decisions get in the way.

The quantity and frequency of choice can simply be too much. Don’t let it distract you from the ultimate goal, and be wary of decisions that slow progress.

Many options create more margin for error.

Simplify decisions. Be ruthless when narrowing down options. (especially relevant to Netflix!)

  • Wealth:

‘Money often costs too much’ - Ralph Waldo Emerson

A lesson to us all.

Don’t let the pursuit of money ruin the pursuit of happiness (remember they are not the same thing, we often forget that).

Even more importantly, don’t let it ruin happiness you already have.

Don’t sacrifice your real life for money beyond what you need.

Spend time doing what you love, rather than unnecessarily selling it.

  • Life:

The process of writing your second draft is the process of making it look like you knew what you were doing all along’ - Neil Gaiman

This goes for life in general.

Give yourself second chances. The first draft of anything we attempt isn’t going to be perfect.

The best writers create drafts. The best athletes build up to optimal performance. The rich build up their wealth.

Keep reflecting and adjusting, use the concept of drafts in everyday life… it will eventually come good. Trust yourself.

A borrowed idea

@IAmMarkManson on embracing doubt.

Reads you need

Why do we need to be right? (Ness Labs - 6 minute read)

‘Very often, we don’t seek to be right, we seek to be “more right” compared to somebody else, whether an individual or a group of individuals.

The need to be “more right” is mostly based on fear, uncertainty, and our desire to feel connected to each other’

Why we need to be right:

  • Anxiety of abandonment

  • Fear of failure

  • Avoiding disappointment

Anne-Laure also covers the beauty of being proven wrong, and the art of being less wrong.

Mind Your Bite (Newsletter)

A note from creator Naomi:

‘Do you ever wish there were 48 hours in a day to squeeze in more tasks? The creator’s life is busy, but consider this: 

‘By trying to do too much, you risk not doing enough.’ You can’t make the highest contribution until you refuse to be a busy creator. 

Mind Your Bite delivers one big idea each week that helps you STOP being busy, and create meaningful gifts to the world.

What I give: 1 idea, 4 links to inspiring reads, a recommended newsletter/podcast, and 2 task-automated tools. 

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Ask yourself this…

Do you measure yourself the same way you measure others?

Same time next week,

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