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‘There’s a paradox with self-improvement:

The ultimate goal of self-improvement is to reach the point where you no longer feel the need to improve yourself’ - Mark Manson

Is there an end goal to bettering yourself?

For me… the answers no.

Self-improvement is a forever ongoing process. When you start the process, it has to be lifestyle choice… becoming a way of life.

Like many things that involve bettering oneself, it’s a long game. A game to be played over a lifetime. Not a fad quick fix diet or a six pack in 14 days type of deal.

It’s a commitment to a lifelong contract with yourself.

‘The only thing harder than changing is paying the price for not changing’ - Shane Parrish

Paying the price of regret?

Not changing or inaction can be a vicious cycle. Without action, there will always be regret.

Until the loop stops, it will continue.

  • Option 1: Inaction > Regret > More inaction > More regret >…

  • Option 2: Action > No regret

Which one are you picking?

‘Use discomfort as a learning opportunity’ - Chris Williamson

How much can we really learn comfortably.

When do you learn the most? In uncomfortable circumstances? Doing something you didn’t want to do?

Be strategic in discomfort. Always know there’s a lesson to be learnt.

Use the opportunity to learn and grow, not in embarrassment and frustration.

If you win or ‘fail’, take the learning point you would never have had.

A recommendation

How to be extraordinary… or not! (Disclaimer: lots of swearing. It’s Mark Manson, he likes to swear)

Read you need

Make a habit/break a habit (Seth Godin)

If you’re trying to help yourself (or those you serve), the most effective thing you can do is create long-term habits. They become unseen foundations of who we will become.

The goal of running a marathon in six weeks is audacious, but it’s not a habit. You might succeed, but with all that pressure, it’s more likely you’ll simply abandon the project.

On the other hand, the goal of running to the mailbox (at least) and back for 50 days in a row is the sort of habit that might stick continue reading…

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Ask yourself this…

Questions to reflect on:

- Where is friction working for me?

- Where is friction working against me?

Same time next week,

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