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Today you’ll get: 3 ideas, a recommendation, read you need… and a question for you!


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‘Anxiety disappears when you start doing the work’

A solution that’s too simple.

That’s what what we’re here for, right? Simple solutions.

The act of simply starting and consistency are the 2 most basic elements of success anyone has had…ever!

Only we know why we’ve made something so easy, become so difficult.

Break the task down, smash it to tiny pieces. Pick up one of those pieces and start with that. Add an element of consistency by picking up a piece each day.

This is doing the work.

‘The infinite nature of your To-Do list makes it as likely to remind you of what you failed to do as it is what you did’ - Josh Spector

Over egging your to-do list is a major crime… to you and future you. It’s never going to end well.

Reduce, clean, remove, whatever word fits the bill. Even chuck a few items on tomorrows list. If you find yourself on a roll, maybe bring one back into today’s play.

As a personal rule I have no more than 5 items on my list each day!

Try it, keep it simple!

‘Make stuff, see what happens, use what happens to make more stuff’ - Jack Butcher

Trial and error, basically.

It’s the holy grail process of iterating, learning, and always creating. Hopefully something better than the previous efforts.

It’s important to not get caught up on rinsing and repeating the same thing. It’s about taking that thing, and using it as a resource to move forward and improve.

Use every move as experience, and take that into your next move!

A recommendation

The Tim Ferriss Show: Greg McKeown - The Art of Effortless Results, How to Take the Lighter Path, the Joys of Simplicity,

Read you need

Time anxiety: is it too late? (Ness Labs)

I have always struggled with one thought. The kind of recurring thought that never really leaves you: “It’s too late.”

Too late to publish a book, too late to start a company, too late to learn a new language. This is called time anxiety. The number of skills I haven’t acquired and the opportunities I didn’t take because of that very thought are, frankly, infuriating.

It’s only recently that I have managed to get over that thought, and, while in my case it is still a daily struggle, I wanted to share some of my strategies continue reading…

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Ask yourself this…

What am I avoiding by trying to stay busy all of the time?

Same time next week,

👨‍🦰 Keith