💡Pro Letter: Social Media Isn’t the Problem…

3 ideas, a recommendation, and a question for you!



‘If I'm stressed, I ask:

Have I left my desk?

Have I sweated?

Have I stimulated my mind?

Have I created?

If not... choose one’ - Codie Sanchez

There is no life of only pleasure and no pain,

of only success and no failure,

of only acceptance and no rejection.

To have one, you must have the other’ - Mark Manson

‘How you do anything is how you do everything’

A recommendation

Social Media Isn’t the Problem… We Are (Mark Manson)

The Productivity Hub

There’s lots more - get involved and join a community where you can challenge your accountability, be more productive, and expand your learning...

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Here’s a peak of what’s happening in The Productivity Hub:

  • Accountability challenges: Our ‘Content Creator’ challenge is 1 week in, not too late to join us. Just add yourself to this space or sign up for our future challenges.

  • Learn and grow with like minded people: Almost 100 of you have joined us over in our new home. We’ve had some great introductions from people all over the world doing extraordinary things.

  • Share your work and weekly wins: Come and share what your working on (shamelessly plug or ask for feedback), and join our weekly wins sessions!

  • And more: Membership also includes access to the app, members only weekly digest, access to the online community, shared resources, and a your own support network of great people with similar goals. See you there!

Ask yourself this…

What’s one thing you’ve implemented this year with success?

Same time next week,

👨‍🦰 Keith