💡Pro Letter: The path to performing...

The end result of long, hard work.


I don’t know if you’ve felt it but I have.

Feels like something’s in the air at the moment. Stuff is just suddenly happening everywhere, all the time…

If you’re feeling a bit like me this week, take a few minutes and enjoy this issue wherever or whatever your busyness is making you do!

Today you’ll get: 3 bullet tips, a borrowed idea, a read you need… and a question for you!


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Bullet tips

‘Simplicity is the end result of long, hard work, not the starting point’ - Frederick Maitland

All things start out with innocent simplicity…

Don’t underestimate the work it takes to create the ‘simple life’.

People who look to have simple lives, people with little worries, people making money in their sleep… have likely worked very hard over a period of time to achieve that.

Aim and build towards simplicity!

‘The path to performing is full of discipline not brilliance’ - Shane Parrish

For me, to be disciplined is simply to be consistent.

Brilliance won’t deliver motivation, work ethic, or street smarts!

Discipline can deliver all of those and more.

The real brilliance is the level of discipline!

‘By not starting the dream remains flawless. Tear apart your perfect idea, make it vulnerable to failure’

Rip it to shreds!

Chuck your idea out into the world. It’s both torture and self pleasure to never act on an idea.

It’s torture as you’re living in unfulfilled potential.

It’s self pleasure, as your idea has no flaws and is yet to have holes poked in it.

Show up or hide? Up to you…

A borrowed idea

Seth Godin on Habits of Mind.

Read you need

How To Make Your To-Do List Less Overwhelming (Josh Spector)

To-Do Lists have a fatal flaw —they never end.

No matter how much you get done in a day, there’s always new stuff to do.

As productivity expert David Allen famously said, “You can do anything, but not everything.”

The infinite nature of your To-Do list makes it as likely to remind you of what you failed to do as it is what you did.

No wonder you feel overwhelmed when you look at it.

An ‘Enough List’ can help continue reading…

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Ask yourself this…

What would my ideal day look like, in detail, 10 years from today?

A good follow-up: what stands between me and living that ideal day?

Same time next week,

👨‍🦰 Keith