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Will yourself to make mistakes

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Bullet tips

‘The only constant in your experiences is yourself’ - Chris Williamson

We fail to realise the only person that’s experienced everything you’ve failed at, achieved, embarrassed yourself over… is you.

Ever suddenly remembered some obscure cringy thing you did 6 years ago? The likelihood is, the only person that remembers… is you!

I’ve recently found fleeting moments I haven’t thought about in years, coming to the forefront of my mind.

Maybe it’s working from home? Maybe it’s the lack of interaction or imagination we create in a normal non pandemic world?

Whatever your personal experiences are, remember you are the only constant. Everyone else is just getting on with their lives!

‘Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity’ - James Clear

True True True… like a one arm bandit going off in a casino.

When clarity arrives, motivation arrives.

We’re filled with ideas. Which is great to begin with until we over think all the obstacles and learnings needed to fulfill the idea

At this point it flutters away in the distance, never to return. We then rinse and repeat.

What if we accepted every idea needs to circle back to square one:

Idea > Opportunities > Obstacles > Streamline > Streamline again > Focused Idea

‘If you're not willing to make a mistake, you will never make anything’ - Yannick Veys

Will yourself to make mistakes!

Be vulnerable, let yourself potentially not be good something! It’s better than doing nothing, wondering what might have been!

Think of the person you are today. How did today you happen?

It’s a series of mistakes, successes, learnings on the way. Think of all the bad decisions made in teenage years, and early twenties… maybe even thirties!

Mistakes had to happen, it’s part of growing and figuring out life. How do you expect to turn up to a new idea and automatically be great at it?

It’s not a right, earn it by being willing to fail!

A borrowed idea

@unobvious and Jim Rohn on pains

Read you need

Everyone is rational (Seth’s Blog)

But if that’s true, then why don’t we all agree on the right next step?

It could be because everyone has a different experience, different data and different goals.

Or, it could be that you are the only one who’s rational.

And it could be that we all like to tell ourselves we’re doing the right thing, but ultimately, all we can do is make choices based on how we see the world.

The way we see things drives our choices, and, of course, our choices change the way we see things.

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Ask yourself this…

During difficult times, ask yourself:

What do I have to do to make this one of the best things that has ever happened to me?

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