Unknowingly living with a ‘they’ mindset?

They, them, surely not me...


I’ve had a short break, and to be honest I feel great for it. Breaks actually work… who knew!

This is a little different from my usual Pro Letter emails so here’s a quick 2 minute read.

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The ‘they’ mindset

Are you unknowingly living with a ‘they’ mindset?

What even is a ‘they’ mindset? This mindset is when you believe no or little responsibility for your actions falls with you. It’s how you perceive a situation, and your role within it.

Why do we always point the finger, looking at everyone else but ourselves when something goes wrong.

What if something goes right? Are you still saying ‘they’ did it (the same people you’d happily chuck under the bus)?

No, of course not! You take full credit, and get on with your day… and rightly so. Take the wins!

But why do we fall into the blaming others trap? It’s usually a number of reasons:

  • We don’t like to associate with failure

  • We’re embarrassed

  • Our ego will take a hit

  • Easier than facing the real problem

How about flipping this to YOU. What’s your input, and what can you do to take responsibility for your actions.

Chucking the blame on others is nothing but a quick pill to ease the pain. In the long run, you’re both avoiding the problem and missing vital learning opportunities.

‘They’ won’t give you answers or an opportunity to learn from experience. By taking ownership of your actions, you open the door to endless self learning and iteration.

Take the ‘they’ away. Delve into your own role, and accelerate your learning from experience!