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The illusion of productivity, and appreciating 'faults'...

‘We can’t stop time, but we can stop wasting it’ - Mustafa Khundmiri

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You helped us hit a few milestones this week… Instagram hit 2000 followers, and the Pro Letter hit 350+ members. Thank you!

Today you’ll get: 3 bullet tips, 1 borrowed idea, 2 reads you need… and a question for you!


Bullet tips

  • Productivity:

‘Optimize hours rather than extending them’

You could have told me sooner!

Being productive is essentially optimizing what you already do. Always be aiming to utilise the hours you currently work within.

Don’t be fooled… extending hours will not always mean increase in output.

If you give yourself something to accomplish in 4 hours… it will take 4 hours.

Give yourself 2 hours to complete the same task… low and behold, it will take 2 hours!

  • Wealth:

‘If you live for having it all,

what you have is never enough’ -Vicki Robin

Why is it so difficult?… simply accepting what you currently have.

We can all relate. Most of us want it all and that’s ok, aspiration is great.

Where it goes wrong, is accepting that you’ll never be truly happy until you have acquired those things.

If you wait until your 70 to ‘have it all’ what happens to those years gone by?

If you suffer from ‘I’ll be happier when…’ syndrome, fight it by practicing gratitude daily.

It’s harder to remember than you think… add it to your to-do list!

  • Life:

‘When you appreciate your faults,

they lose their power over you’ - Mark Manson

Quick story:

A few years ago I was outside a bar and and a lady come up to me and asks…

‘My son is ginger and I’m worried he’ll get bullied, any advice?’ (I’m fair haired, but a little ginger when the sun hits. Not in denial!).

Turns out it wasn’t a joke or a horrendous chat up line.

My advice: Tell him to embrace it, make sure everyone knows it. A bit of self deprecation can be used to his advantage.

Own your ‘faults’ (who’s to say what is a fault and what isn’t!)

Once you’ve taken control over them, others can’t!

A borrowed idea

Aaron Aalto on pushing to be a bit better.

Reads you need

The illusion of productivity (Ness Labs)

Breaking our addiction to busyness does not have to be hard, but it does require a conscious change of mindset.

It’s going against our deeply rooted fear of being alone with our thoughts and facing the reality of our lives. Which can be liberating, but also pretty scary.

  1. Change your perspective. First, stop saying “I don’t have time”. Instead, say “It’s not a priority.” There is enough time in a day to do the important things.

  2. Less doing, more achieving. Don’t measure productivity in terms of how many things you get done, but rather in terms of doing the things that matter. Shift your focus from tasks to outcomes.

  3. Do a busyness audit. Track what you spend your time on. Then, write these things down and rate them. From irrelevant or meaningless to extremely relevant and meaningful. Cut down everything you can that is not a priority.

  4. Start saying no. Question whether this new task will translate into meaningful outcomes. It may be strange at first (you could say “not right now” instead of “no” if that’s easier) but it will help you better manage your time.

  5. Make peace with inaction. To help you get comfortable with doing nothing, schedule time with yourself for dedicated downtime. Reflect or take a short walk.

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Ask yourself this…

Are you treating your priorities as a priority?

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