💡Pro Letter #15

Extraordinary is overrated...

‘Raise your standards and you’ll change your results’ - Shane Parrish


We’re now 15 issues deep… no turning back.

Today you’ll get: 3 bullet tips, 1 borrowed idea, 2 reads you need… and a question for you!


Illustration by @lizandmollie

Bullet tips

  • Productivity:

‘Do not hide behind ‘busy’

It happens.

You do it. I do it. Lets hide together… or maybe not.

We’re all guilty of hiding behind ‘busy’, using it as an excuse or an avoidance tool.

Which is great, but not if it’s detrimental or ends up in missed opportunities.

If it’s important enough and you believe it will ultimately be beneficial, then stop hiding behind a wall of busy.

Create the time.

  • Wealth:

‘It is not the man who has too little,

but he who craves more, who is poor." - Seneca

When is enough, enough?

We always want more. Don’t be in denial, but be conscious of why you always want more.

Is it from what you see on social media? Is it auto pilot mode of assuming more is always better?

At what point do we accept and be happy with what we have.

Does that point exist? Does it come naturally? Do we have to create it?

  • Life:

‘You don't have to do something extraordinary to do valuable and meaningful work’

What you do matters!

It doesn't have to be on an exponential scale.

It doesn't have to mean anything to others.

It doesn't have to be extraordinary.

If it's valuable and meaningful to you.

It matters!

A borrowed idea

Josh Spector on having two days in one.

Reads you need

A letter to your future self (Seth Godin)

We often send metaphorical letters to our past selves, berating the choices we’ve made. We express regret about missed opportunities or past mistakes. It’s easy to blame our younger selves for the mess we’re in.

What would you say to your future self? And how would you feel when you read that letter in a few months or years?

Maybe you’d discover that the crisis or cataclysm you’re facing right now didn’t turn out quite as badly as you feared.

Maybe you’d express some optimism that you could turn into action. And maybe you’d develop some empathy for your past self, who was just doing the best you could.

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Ask yourself this…

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