💡Pro Letter #16

Good contagions, and are we too busy to enjoy life?

‘Execution is how you bridge the gap between idea and reality’

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Today you’ll get: 3 bullet tips, 1 borrowed idea, 2 reads you need… and a question for you!

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@OzolinsJanis ‘Everything is on the shelf. We choose what to pick up’

Bullet tips

  • Productivity:

‘Effort is contagious.

Discipline is contagious.

Standards are contagious’ -Shane Parrish

Let’s talk good contagions for a change.

Contagions that can change your life for the better.

Contagions that will be a positive pandemic in your own little bubble.

Permission is granted to spread the following: effort, discipline, standards, good habits, gratitude, values, positive emotions!

  • Wealth:

‘Wealth is relative... But one thing’s for sure.

If you don’t have peace of mind and physical health, you’re not wealthy’ - Olivier Cantin

Wealth isn’t always about money.

Money is great. It’s the reason we can become great and do great things.

But… without peace of mind and good physical health, money alone fails.

Like an ecosystem, the value money brings to your life feeds from what comes from the inside.

They all need to work in harmony to produce the greatest value!

  • Life:

‘People who can, do.

People who can't, criticise’ - Chris Williamson

Are you a person who can or a person who can’t?

We all ‘can’, we just need to chose to.

We all ‘can’t’ and that’s also a choice… All within reason of course!

It’s easier to be the critical person who can’t or simply can’t be bothered.

Be a do-er!

A borrowed idea

Dickie Bush with a life changing realization.

Reads you need

Are we too busy to enjoy life? (Anne-Laure Le Cunff - 4 minute read)

“How are things?” asked a friend. “It’s busy, but I’ll take some time to relax when things ease up,” I replied.

I recently caught myself giving a variation of this answer every time I was asked how I was doing. “So much work, but hopefully it will be better next week.”

Being busy all the time can give us an illusion of productivity which may feel reassuring, but isn’t there a risk we are too busy to enjoy life?

Not everyone has the luxury of managing their time the way they see fit. But many people do have this flexibility, and yet rush from one task to another without ever taking a step back to ask: am I really enjoying any of this?

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