💡Pro Letter #18

Comforting lies or unpleasant truths? and a thing about ‘normal’

Hello and welcome!

Few exciting projects happening/coming up… the accountability challenge for April is well under way, and we’re building a community platform. Exciting stuff, stay tuned!

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Today you’ll get: 3 bullet tips, 1 borrowed idea, a read you need… and a question for you!


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Bullet tips


‘The easiest way to make a decision:

What would tomorrow you want today you to do?’

Stop and think!

Today you is the procrastinator, the short cut taker… the short term thinker.

What you believe tomorrow you would do is always going to be better than what today you wants to do.

Make tomorrow you proud… help them out!


‘The more you learn, the less you fear’ - Julian Barnes

It could read ‘The more you earn, the less you fear’. That’s not the solution.

We are severely uneducated when we’re unleashed into to the big bad world as a young adult. School doesn’t teach mortgages, taxes, savings, investments etc.

Many will fail to learn how to control and make their finances work. It’s scary personal finances have to be self taught… one of the most important resources we have!

Take the responsibility to learn. The more you know, the more control you have and ultimately the less you fear!


‘Don't let the thing you wish you did a year ago be the thing you wish you did a year from now’ - Josh Spector

Start today!

Do the smallest thing you can to start the task/project/personal goal you've been putting off.

Still can't start? Make it smaller

Still can't start? Make it tiny

Still can't start? Make it minuscule

Create a space where an excuse can't exist!

A borrowed idea

Janis Ozolins making something…

Read you need

A thing about ‘normal’ (Seth’s Blog)

Normal is the thing many don’t notice.

Until it changes. And then we can’t unsee how much we had failed to pay attention to.

Who’s on the short list for consideration, who is given the benefit of the doubt, who gets a head start…

We begin to notice the people that are artificially selected to seem like the right ones, who are then supposed to be better and anointed as normal.

I was thrilled that Unilver has decided to get rid of the word ‘normal’ on their personal care product labels. Because when it comes to people, normal is an artificial construct, the center of a statistical bell curve but not a standard that we ought to seek to achieve, even if we could.

Normal is a distribution, not a person.

Ask yourself this…

Would you rather have comforting lies or unpleasant truths?

Same time next week,

👨‍🦰 Keith