💡Pro Letter: How to make life effortless...

June already,

Almost half way through the year, how did that happen?

Start preparing now for the second half. Are you winning and just need to see it through, or do you need to claw it back to finish strong?

Here’s 3 ideas, a recommendation… and a question for you!




‘Half of success is showing up long enough to see it’ - Chris Williamson

‘Every excess is designed to hide a lack’ - Jack Butcher

‘The fears. The excuses. The failures. The problems. The challenges. The disadvantages. The reasons why it can't work.

Decide they don't matter, and then they won't’ - Josh Spector

A recommendation

How to make life effortless (Greg McKeown)

The Productivity Hub

Join a community where you can challenge your accountability, be more productive, and work with like minded people…

Access the Hub

Here’s what’s happening in The Productivity Hub:

  • Accountability challenges: Content Creator challenge is underway, not too late to join us. Just add yourself to this space.

  • Learn and grow with like minded people: 90 of you wonderful people have joined us over in our new home. We’ve had some great introductions from people all over the world doing great things.

  • Share your work: Regen is on a mission to be productive to reverse climate change. Rachel is a certified personal trainer, and Physical and Health Education student. Thanks for sharing :)

  • And more: Joining the hub includes access to 30 day accountability challenges, members only weekly digest, access to shared resources and a your own support network. See you on the other side!

Ask yourself this…

Almost calling half time on 2021. Have you thought what your second half is going to look like?

Same time next week,

👨‍🦰 Keith